¡Haz recuerdos increíbles en la Ciudad de México!

(Make Amazing Memories In Mexico City!)

Ninguna otra guía turística puede mostrarte la Ciudad de México como este libro puede.

(No other travel guide can show you Mexico City the way this book can.)

experience CDMX for yourself

Last year more than 1.5 million international tourists arrived in Mexico City.

Remarkably, most of them missed seeing the things that make Mexico City so wonderful. 

Like the smallest pyramid in all of Old Mexico, hidden in a busy subway station. 

Or the lush Plaza of Archangels in San Ángel, the charming old center of Tlalpan, or the world-class art museums housed in beautifully restored historic palaces. 

They missed out on the futuristic movie complex Cineteca Nacional, the Formula 1 quality racetrack at Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, and the annual Corona Capital and Vive Latino concerts at Foro Sol. 

Or they missed drinking authentic Mexican beer, pulque, tequila and mescal at cantinas like La Peninsular, pulquerías like Los Insurgentes, and mezcalerías like La Botica. 

And perhaps most importantly, many miss the sensuous pleasure of eating the best street tacos al pastor, and enjoying the many fine-dining establishments that Mexico City has to offer. 

That’s a pity. 

Especially when there’s a better way to experience Mexico City. 

With the only Mexico City travel guide that covers not only the top tourist sights, but also explores the hidden gems that make CDMX so compelling. 

Mexico City: The Ultimate Travel Guide

       With this 575-page book, you’ll discover amazing well-known sights like: 

Palacio de Bellas Artes

This iconic building is an important museum, theater, and cultural center. The golden-domed white marble exterior is Art Nouveau, but the interior is Art Deco. These upstairs walls are covered with seventeen outstanding Mexican murals created by various masters, including Diego Rivera’s El hombre controlador del universo (Man, Controller of the Universe).


This vast archaeological zone was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. It's home to Earth's third-largest pyramid: the Pyramid of the Sun. The city was once home to two hundred and fifty thousand people, but the origins of this ancient metropolis are shrouded in mystery. There’s evidence of Teotihuacáno culture throughout Mexico and their dominance was widespread. 

Castillo de Chapultepec

A spectacular hilltop castle, the only palace in North America that's housed real royal sovereigns. In the 1860s, Emperor Maximilian I made it his official residence.  Eventually, it was converted into a presidential residence. Today it features the Museo Nacional de Historia and the elegant Alcazar, a royal house museum. The outside terraces offer sweeping views of Mexico City. 

       But you'll also uncover hidden secret spots like: 

Casa Gilardi

This gorgeous house museum was created by Luis Barragán in 1975. It boasts richly saturated color, clean minimalist lines, and masterful use of natural light. Most of the furnishings were designed by Barragán and specifically created for the home. The main highlight is the golden hallway. It leads to a dining room with an amazing red, white, and blue indoor swimming pool. 

UNAM Ciudad Universitaria

UNAM University City is the main campus for the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (National Autonomous University of Mexico). The entire complex was built on top of the enormous El Pedregal lava field, and volcanic rock is extensively used here. The campus is an ideal tourist destination due to its public art, museums, and architecture. 

Fuente Monumental de Nezahualcóyotl

This monumental fountain is dedicated to Nezahualcóyotl, the King of Texcoco. The huge L-shaped plaza and water-works takes up an impressive 13,455 square feet. It features a giant black stone statue of Neza. He’s flanked by a basket of arrows and a shield and holds a tablet carved with a hummingbird. The symbol on his crown is an ollin (third eye). 

You’ll Learn To Safely Navigate Mexico City Like A Local

Many new visitors aren’t used to such a huge and chaotic metro area like Mexico City.

And even seasoned city-dwellers may find it challenging. 

It starts when you arrive at the airport…

You’re plunged into a new world.

A strange, wonderful place. 

You can’t read the signs. 

You don’t speak the language.

The natives have different ideas about rules, regulations, and personal space.

Your phone doesn’t work, at first. 

You can’t call a driver, can’t access your email, or text anyone. 

It’s getting late and dark. 

And you're tired from traveling all day. 

Finally, somehow, you manage to find a taxi, and you eventually make it to your hotel. 

For the first few days you’re almost in shock, walking around in a haze. 

Nothing’s linear. 

It all seems like pure chaos.

But it’s compelling chaos, and everyday you feel the call of the street, into the beating heart of the city. 

But, how do you start to make sense of this vast and amazing metropolis?  

How will you navigate the city like a local, staying safe, while also having the time of your life? 

How can you get the most out of your precious vacation time? 

And how can you do it fast, so you hit the ground running right when you land? 

Now, there’s a better way to experience Mexico City. 

This book is like having your own personal tour guide. 

Food & Drink

Mexico City is a food paradise. Whatever kind of cuisine you’re craving, you'll find it in this guide. CDMX also offers excellent nightlife with many great bars, mezcalerías, and cantinas.


The guide will show you the best places to stay in Mexico City. Lodging here ranges from low-budget hostels to ultra-luxurious high-rises, with everything in between.


Learn all about the best activities in Mexico City.  Participate in grand events like Día de los Muertos, the San Angel Flower Fair, and Mexican Independence Day. 

Day Trips

Although there’s lots to see in Mexico City, sometimes it’s nice to escape the chaos and noise. Fortunately, many spots outside the city make relaxing day trip destinations.


Mexico City offers international tourists tons of entertainment venues, concerts, music, dance halls, and multiple shopping options. 


Mexico City is the cultural heart and soul of the Republic. Discover hundreds of museums, cultural centers, art galleries, theaters, murals, libraries, and more. 

Meet the author.

Mario Favela is a North American writer who has lived in Mexico City for over five years.

Mario Favela

So, you can count on him to help you successfully navigate CDMX, and maximize your time during your visit. 

Mario Favela

Your Amazing CDMX Trip

Here’s the comprehensive information you’ll get with this thorough and well-informed ten-part travel guide: 

Part I: Welcome To Mexico City

Chapter 1: Top Ten Sights (with full-color photos)
Chapter 2: Mexico City Almanac 

Part II: Walking Tours

Chapter 3: El Centro Histórico Walking Tour
Chapter 4: La Condesa & Hipódromo Walking Tour
Chapter 5: Roma Norte Walking Tour
Chapter 6: Paseo de la Reforma Walking Tour
Chapter 7: Coyoacán Walking Tour
Chapter 8: UNAM Ciudad Universitaria Walking Tour
Chapter 9: Walking Tour Maps (seven detailed full-color maps)

Part III: Neighborhoods & Sights

Chapters 10-24: Complete list of top sights and lesser-known spots, organized by neighborhood
Chapter 25: National Parks
Chapter 26: Pyramids & Ruins
Chapter 27: Day Trips
Chapter 28: Cantina Culture
Chapter 29: Neighborhoods to avoid

Part IV: Food & Drink

Chapters 30-39: A complete list of the best restaurants & bars in CDMX, organized by neighborhood

Part V: Lodging

Chapters 40-47: All the best hotels in Mexico City, organized by neighborhood

Part VI: Shopping & Entertainment

Chapter 48: Entertainment
Chapter 49: Shopping
Chapter 50: Bookstores

Part VII: Getting Around Mexico City

Chapter 51: Metro
Chapter 52: Metrobus
Chapter 53: Metro Safety & Security
Chapter 54: Using Metro & Metrobus
Chapter 55: By Bike
Chapter 56: Alternative Methods (car & taxi)
Chapter 57: Tours

Part VIII: Daily & Seasonal Travel

Chapter 58: Daily CDMX
Chapter 59: Seasonal Travel

Part IX: Travel Tools

Chapter 60: Trip Planning
Chapter 61: Arriving in Mexico City
Chapter 62: Orientation To CDMX
Chapter 63: Travel Apps
Chapter 64: Health & Medical
Chapter 65: Pesos
Chapter 66: Credit & Debit Cards
Chapter 67: ATM Security
Chapter 68: General Security
Chapter 69: Visiting CDMX with Kids
Chapter 70: LGBTQI+ Resources
Chapter 71: Practical Travel Info
Chapter 72: Touring CDMX
Chapter 73: Sightseeing Tips
Chapter 74: Weather & Clothing
Chapter 75: Stay Connected
Chapter 76: Mexican SIM Card

Part X: Deep CDMX

Chapter 77: Understanding Mexico City
Chapter 78: Cultural Institutions
Chapter 79: Architects
Chapter 80: Artists
Chapter 81: History of Mexico City
Chapter 82: Books & Film
Chapter 83: Glossary
Chapter 84: Food Glossary

People love this guide...


"Great recommendations for restaurants and bars. The variety of recommendations and walking routes is very helpful. This will be my 3rd visit to Mexico City and I was able to find points of interest in this book that I’m excited to see. "



"Husband and I took a trip last month to Mexico City. I don't speak Spanish, so I wanted a resource that could really help me get around the beautiful city. Mario organizes the book so we were able to look at maps, pictures, have explicit directions to restaurants, walking tours, and historical sites. We really enjoyed all the restaurant recommendations. Thanks to this travel guide, we felt extremely prepared for our visit!" 

Jacque C.


"Thanks a million for your guide! It worked perfectly even with el Congreso General Ordinario del Sindicato de Trabajadores de UNAM going on. I've never seen such a big tent in my life. Thousands of trabajadores adentro y afuera. Tent was blocking the Acenso mural but I found it and everything else thanks to your guide. Mil gracias!"

Nora H.

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